I wish I would’ve hired you sooner!

“Before hiring you, I would balance my quickbooks about every quarter and really feel like I had it under control, except when my CPA asked me to run a reconciliation on my accounts, which I had no idea how to do. Still, I was hesitant to hire you, weighing the cost with the perceived benefit. I got frustrated with quickbooks enough that I decided to give your services a try. Within the first month, the services you provided far more than exceeded my perceived expectations! It’s such a huge stress relief to know my “books” are getting properly balanced and in such a timely manner. I wish I would’ve hired you sooner! You have organized my financials beyond what I thought organized was. I can’t believe I went so long without a professional bookkeeper!!! It’s such a stress relief…knowing that my “books” are proper, organized and up-to-date. I’m so grateful. Also, anytime I have a question, you are so responsive and helpful.”

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